Project: "To contribute to the Analysis of Thematic Geographic Information for the Characterization of  Biodiverse Savannahs and the Design of the Risk Map according to the Protocols of the Renewable Energy Strategy of the European Union (EU RES-D acronym in English)."

4D Elements Consultants conducted an analysis of available information (both globally and regionally) and regulatory frameworks in order to create guidelines for the identification of areas that have high or low risk of biofuels production, according to European standards. During the development of the project, methods and strategies were implemented and assessed in order to identify these areas which have high or low risk for the production of biofuels, and as a result of the analysis, the first strategy and regional map related to biodiverse savannahs with high carbon in organic matter and soil, was created in our country.

August 2011 – June 2012.


Final Report


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