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We have been a consulting company since 2011, providing technical advice on geographical information systems, creating sustainability strategies in which natural, human and economic resources are articulated. Our broad vision and expertise allow us to participate in activities with local communities, and also with academic, political and business groups.

4D ELEMENTS CONSULTANTS is supported by an elite team of GEOGRAPHICAL AND ENVIROMENTAL EXPERTS with nearly 23 years of experience. Its founders have DOCTORAL AND MASTER studies in geography and biology, which deal with topics comprising of a local-territorial and global-international vision that considers an environmental, social, cultural and economic perspective.

4D ELEMENTS CONSULTANTS contributes to the creation and organization of environmental, social, cultural and economic data, providing a framework through the use of new methods and Process Development techniques to lead clients in creating accurate decisions that meet local, national and international conditions.


To provide answers and viable solutions through expert consulting services in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing regarding environmental issues, beginning with the organization of data that is universally accessible and useful for sustainable development of natural resources, conservation of biological and cultural diversity, as well as the offer of environmental goods and services, and the mitigation of global warming.

Our desire is to be recognized by 2020 for innovative management of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing regarding social and environmental issues, involving different sectors, supported by our leadership with a priority on social and environmental development in Colombia, starting with an efficient management of natural, social, cultural and economic resources.

  • To contribute to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing awareness concerning environmental, social and economic issues, as well as searching for a viable and sustainable development that fulfills human needs.

  • To participate in the creation of quality information towards making strategic decisions from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

  • To contribute to environmental development, taking into consideration both biodiversity and the inhabitants’ quality of life.

  • To work with society in creating actions towards a proper management of environmental resources.

  • To develop methods and useful guidelines that meet various conditions based on geographic information technologies.

  • Quality of products and services

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork

  • Cooperation and continuous learning

  • Reliability and honesty

  • Confidentiality of information and ethical commitment to customers

  • Efficiency and commitment with entrusted services

  • Transparency with information management.



Milton Romero-Ruiz

Milton is a biologist and graduated from Universidad de los Andes, receiving a Master’s in Geographic Information Systems and a PhD in Physical Geography from University of Leicester (England). He is an expert environmental researcher, proactive and adaptive, with 20 years of expertise in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, and spatial analysis techniques with an emphasis on tropical conservation and biodiversity. He has extensive knowledge in managing and analyzing data, designing indicators, research project management, conservation and ecosystem mapping, specifically in the Orinoco, Amazon, Andes, and Pacific regions. He is highly motivated to manage and implement projects and has excellent skills in interdisciplinary work with ability to communicate and instruct others with enthusiasm.

Adriana Sarmiento Dueñas

Adriana is a biologist and graduated from Universidad Javeriana. She has an MsC in Science-Management and Conservation of Wildlife from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has a comprehensive expertise in database management, geographic information systems, and manufacturing, design, implementation and management of monitoring plans, as well as the use and conservation of natural resources, specifically in the Amazon region. She has exceptional skills in managing projects that achieve the goals and objectives proposed, budget management and resource optimization. She has excellent interpersonal skills to perform service to the community and to work in interdisciplinary groups. She has remarkable creativity, leadership, honesty, responsibility and commitment to her work duties, always focused on creating a positive difference while searching for new challenges.
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    To provide answers and viable solutions through expert consulting services in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing regarding environmental issues .... Read More
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