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We offer specialized consultancy about the most advanced geographical science techniques, taking into account the processes, patterns and designs of the landscape and environment.



Geographical Information Systems:

The production of information and database mapping through gathering, organizing, structuring, and analyzing the data allows us to organize and receive relevant information to systematically answer questions regarding the representation of conditions, as well as guiding the scientific community, decision-makers and the general public towards an optimal way of organizing, designing and improving the soil, both precisely and efficiently.


Analysis of Socio-environmental Data:

The vast amount of information regarding social and environmental issues requires a high level of understanding in handling large volumes of data, as well as an advanced skill level to interpret it. The gathering process requires a structured and consistent strategy that fulfills the consulting purpose. 4D ELEMENTS CONSULTANTS professionals have contributed to socio-environmental projects in both the national territory of Colombia and in Latin American countries, as well as further implementing and developing participatory social mapping methods.


Remote Sensing:

The rapid expansion regarding satellite techniques has allowed a better understanding of spatial relations among the landscape elements, which form the earth. Thus, 4D ELEMENTS CONSULTANTS interpret satellite images, allowing the production and verification of basic and thematic mapping (usage, land cover, soil, etc.) with high national and international standards, which allows the information produced by the company to comply with the standards of national and international regulations.


Biodiversity Monitoring:

The privileged geographical location of the country has positioned Colombia among the five most biodiverse countries in the world. However, the full extent of knowledge of the country’s biodiversity is not complete; therefore, the continuous research regarding the natural resources in Colombia is considered as a priority, in order to perform any analysis of impact or conservation of any territory. 4D ELEMENTS CONSULTANTS provides technical and methodological support for the design, implementation and monitoring of strategies for sustainable use of natural resources. Its expertise in both the gathering of and advanced analysis of data through the inventories, floristic and faunal analysis contributes to the knowledge of the country’s biodiversity, and is related to the corresponding Management Action Plans, and the strategies of land management.


WE DESIGN, FORMULATE AND DEVELOP PROJECTS in environmental and social management, based on our vast experience in applied and participatory research, including work with indigenous and farming communities, land planning and territorial organization, as well as indigenous and environmental legislation.

By developing methodologies, we have created tools that are easily understood by decision-makers; this is a result of the necessity to develop conceptual and methodological frameworks, which meet the conditions of the country, and increases in its importance daily. Although there are many methods that have succeeded on a global scale, it is important to adjust, improve and update them, taking into account both the local and national results, which reflect the local factors. 4D ELEMENTS CONSULTANTS has designed conceptual and methodological frameworks to understand the complex dynamics of ecological and social indicators in current social processes and environmental changes.

We offer our clients – both large and small – projects to meet their needs, based on the experience and work of our staff and our vast network of domestic and international high-level contacts, ensuring technical support and quality control, continuous commitment, and superior performance of projects.

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